Decipher Tools Blog: iOS 11

Как я могу получить доступ к файлам из приложений, которые больше не поддерживаются в iOS 11?

One major change in iOS 11 is that iOS no longer runs older 32-bit architecture apps. It's not likely that many of these apps will be updated, especially those that [... Read more about How Can I Access Files From Apps No Longer Supported in iOS 11?]

Можете ли вы восстановить резервную копию iOS 11 для iOS 10?

Update январь 25, 2018: If you need to install 32-bit apps on an iPhone/iPad/iPod that is running iOS 10, open the App Store app and go to your past purchases. [... Read more about Can You Restore an iOS 11 Backup to iOS 10?]

iOS 11 Обновление - восстановление потерянных или удаленных фотографий, которые были удалены после обновления до iOS 11

Upgrading your iPhone or iPad to the newly released iOS 11 can be both exciting and a bit terrifying at the same time. It's a thrill to download Apple's newest [... Read more about iOS 11 Update - Recover lost or deleted photos that were erased after upgrading to iOS 11]

Обновление до iOS 11 - советы по уверенности в ваших текстовых сообщениях и iMessages резервные копии

Apple's iOS 11 is due out on сентябрь 19 and it's a free upgrade for all iOS users. A few of the new features in iOS 11 include: Siri Improvements [... Read more about Upgrading to iOS 11 - Tips to Make Sure Your Text Messages and iMessages are Backed Up]