Saving iPhone voicemails from a family member who has died

Save voicemail of a loved one who died.

Can I export voicemails from a loved one who has passed away?

The death of a loved one always brings with it an overwhelming amount of emotions and sadness. There is also an incredible amount of logistics, coordination, paperwork, and other aspects when it comes to processing and organizing the affairs after someone close to you has passed away.

As software developers / designers, one of the best parts of our jobs is when we receive feedback from customers letting us know that one of our programs made a difference in their lives. This always makes our day! One example of this are the many emails we've received over the years here at Decipher Tools Headquarters from Decipher VoiceMail customers who are appreciative and grateful to have been able save voicemails from their iPhone to computer that were left by their mom, dad, brother sister, or anyone closed to them who has departed.

With all the stress and grief that one encounters at such a time, the small peace of mind one has knowing that their loved one's voicemail messages are safely exported can be a bright spot during some otherwise tough days.

Todays tip is for anyone who is in this situation and wants to be able to export their iPhone voicemails and save them to their computer or an external hard drive.

Quick steps to save voicemails to your PC or Mac with Decipher VoiceMail

Save voicemails of someone who died

  1. Back up your iPhone via iTunes. Click here for detailed back up instructions!
  2. Install Decipher VoiceMail on your computer.
  3. Select your iPhone and and contact. Then choose "export" to save the voicemails anywhere you want on your computer. I like to choose the Desktop, so the voicemail files are easy to find.

After exporting the voicemails you can do any of the following:

  • Keep a copy of the iPhone voicemails on your computer's hard drive.
  • Copy your saved voicemail to an external hard drive or iCloud storage solution of your choice.
  • Have mp3 copies of your voicemails in iTunes.
  • Email an mp3 version of the voicemail to friends or family.
If you are every struggling to extract a voicemail from a loved one or family member that is on your iPhone and have any troubles, just send us a support email and we'll get back to you with help! We're based in San Francisco and Phoenix and, as we always say, "we write back to everyone!" ;-)