With the availablility of iCloud Health syncing, we've decided to discontinue Decipher Activity Transfer. For more information about how to use iCloud Health sync to transfer your Health, Activity, and Achievement data to a new device, we recommend this post from iDownloadblog.

Start fresh on your iPhone

Keep Health, Activity, Achievements, and Watch data.

We're very excited to have had Decipher Activity Transfer mentioned on iDownloadBlog.com. Click here to read the article!

How to Use Decipher Activity Transfer:

  • 1) Install Decipher Activity Transfer

    Нажмите кнопку загрузки выше, а затем откройте загруженный файл, чтобы начать установку.
  • 2) Unpair your Apple Watch from your old iPhone (if needed.)

    If you're still using your watch on your old device, and need to use it with the new one, unpair it now.
  • 3) Make an encrypted backup of your old iPhone.

    Only encrypted backups contain your health data.
  • 4) Run Decipher Activity Transfer.

    Decipher Activity Transfer will create a clone backup from your original with only the needed data to transfer Activity, Achievements, Health, and Apple Watch data.
  • 5) Restore to the new iPhone.

    Restore the cleaned backup like you would any normal backup. Select "Setup as New" in iTunes after ther restore completes and setup your iPhone as a fresh device.
  • 6) Pair your Apple Watch to the new iPhone.

    Be sure to select to restore your watch from the backup when asked!
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